Video interviews are recorded live on Instagram @costell.azione and subsequently posted on IGTV and linked to this site. For Recordings from the 2020–21 season, see "recordings" below.

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    8 feb. 2022


    Tutto E niente

    data da annunciare

    And more

    spring 2022



    YEAR 2: Fall 2021–Spring 2022. Begins 19 november 2021.

    Binta Diaw

    27 novembre/november 2021

    Dïà s p o r a (2021)

    Yara Piras

    8 febbraio/february 2021

    Adelita husni-Bey

    21 gennaio/january 2022

    On Necessary Work (2021)

    Tutto e niente

    date tbd

    YEAR 1: FALL 2020–Spring 2021

    16 ottobre/october 2020

    Senza titolo (Costellazioni) (Untitled (Constellations)), 2020


    30 ottobre/october 2020

    Oggi per domani (Today for Tomorrow), 2020

    13 novembre/november 2020

    Nessus and Dejanira plus Koko the Clown (2018)

    20 novembre/november 2020

    Wu Ming 2 + Fare Ala, Viva Menilicchi! (2018)

    20 novembre/november 2020

    Wu Ming 2 + Fare Ala, Viva Menilicchi! (Long Live Menelik!), 2018

    4 dicembre/december 2020

    Nui Simu (That's Us), 2010

    22 gennaio/january 2021

    My Heritage? (2020)

    19 febbraio/february 2021

    Linee di fuga (Flight Lines), 1998

    5 marzo/march 2021

    I can't breathe (2020)

    7 maggio/may 2021

    Venezia, Venezia (2013)

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    COSTELLAZIONE (Constellation) is an online program of live conversations on contemporary Italian art and activism.


    Focused conversations with field-changing artists, both emerging and well known, on one work of art: artist's choice.

    Through short-format, live video conversations in Italian and English with Italian artists or those who have lived and worked extensively in Italy, COSTELLAZIONE seeks to deepen our knowledge of contemporary Italian artists' research. It introduces emerging figures alongside maestri with shared affinities in the exploration of resistance, activism, and identity in Italy and its cultural geographies, past, present, and yet to come. COSTELLAZIONE thereby highlights new directions and complexities in the contemporary field of and around Italian art.


    Through this concentrated, online format and as a platform for creative azione (action), COSTELLAZIONE seeks to constellate a new community for dialogue, research, and exchange in our current moment of distance and global crisis.


    Founder and Curator

    Tenley Bick, PhD (she/her) is Assistant Professor of Global Contemporary Art in the Department of Art History at Florida State University and was the 2019-2020 Scholar in Residence at Magazzino Italian Art. She is an art historian of global postwar and contemporary art, with focuses on European (especially Italian) and African art (continental and diasporic), with interest in the history of Italian colonialism. Her work on Italian art focuses on Arte Povera, internationalism, and politics in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as contemporary art, race politics, and postcoloniality. Her current book project, Where There’s Everything: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Arte Povera's Global Vision, examines the work of the contemporary Italian artist within the politicized cultural contexts of post-WWII Italy and Europe, and against the broader geopolitical horizon for art of the 1960s. Her research also includes a second book-length project in development on contemporary art and Italian colonial history.


    Her writings have been published in a range of scholarly journals, including Third Text, African Arts, and Word & Image (forthcoming). Her writing on contemporary art, race politics, and activism in Italy has appeared in CAA News: “‘My world now is black in color’: Pandemic-Era Programming, Anti-Racist Activism, and Contemporary Art in Italy (August 11, 2020).Other recent publications include “Ghosts for the Present: Countercultural Aesthetics and Postcoloniality for Contemporary Italy. The Work of Wu Ming 2 and Fare Ala," in Global Revolutionary Aesthetics and Politics after Paris '68 (eds. W. Cloonan, B. Faulk, M. Munro, and C. Weber; Lexington Books, 2021), and "Bochner's Italian Picture" in the exhibition catalog associated with Bochner Boetti Fontana (curated by Mel Bochner and Magazzino Italian Art) at Magazzino Italian Art, Cold Spring, NY, October 2, 2020–April 5, 2021). She holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles.


    Website: www.tenleybick.com