Senza titolo (Costellazioni) [Untitled (Constellations)], 2020

16 ottobre/october 2020 | Milano

Artwork: Jem Perucchini, Senza titolo (Costellazioni) (Untitled (Constellations) (2020). Oil on linen, 40 x 30 cm. 

In the inaugural episode of Costellazione, Jem Perruchini (b. 1995) discusses his painting, Senza titolo (Costellazioni) [Untitled (Constellations)] (2020). The work's references are complex. They include nods to Giotto, David Hockney, St. Paul, the artist's Ethiopian heritage, as well as classical painting and chance procedures, offering us a constellation of cultural, temporal, and artistic resonances to consider.

Perucchini is an Italian artist of Ethiopian heritage based in Milan. His artistic research focuses on the history of art, images of various cultures, and connections between different cultures. His recent paintings include a series of portraits of historic Italians of African descent, made for Vogue Italia, paintings of the 4th-century Stele of Axum (taken as war spoils by Italy in 1935, repatriated to Ethiopia in 2005), as well as works that engage Greek and Roman mythology. Artist's Instagram.

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Image courtesy of the artist.